"Rudel writes to the point, he entertains, slips in a gag or two
and the whole thing is a very pleasant experience....Dave has researched this book well.
He tells you what to look for, gives some examples and then drops
you off onto the exercises. There are 116 of them...if any budding author is planning a chess book that has exercises in them then follow the Rudel way."
- Chandler Cornered at Chess Edinburgh

"I have looked over David Rudel's new books ' Bxh7+' and 'The moment of Zuke' , published by Thinkers Press. These are excellent training tools for the improving chessplayer. Both books are well-written, logically structured and most instructive. Rudel presents his work in such a way that you cannot fail to learn and to be entertained at the same time.
Both books are highly recommended!"
-International Master Andrew Martin

"An excellent survey of the whole Bxh7+ scenario."
- Sean Marsh's Review at Marsh Towers