The Greek Gift Sacrifice (Bxh7+)

"All players at whatever level should be fully conversant with the classical Bishop Sacrifice on h7."
-IM Andrew Martin

Learn how to easily determine whether the sacrifice works or not and how to attack or defend after it is played!

David Rudel, acclaimed author of Zuke 'Em, has now made it easy for any chess player to easily master both sides of this sacrifice. His new book, Bxh7+, is a self-contained training kit covering tactics on both attack and defense. It has five modules, each includes a lesson, training exercises, and a complement of annotated solutions.

The lessons account for only about 35 pages. That means you can know "everything there is to know" about the most important piece sacrifice in all of chess after just a couple hours of reading. The rest of the book provides 116 problems from real play, allowing you to test and reinforce the theory in the lessons.

From here, you can can read the introduction, find links to retailers, check out a review at Chandler Cornered, or use the tabs at the top of the page to see four sample exercises with solutions.

To read customer reviews of Rudel's first book, visit the Amazon Review page for Zuke 'Em.

If you play the Colle System, The Moment of Zuke is recommended instead of Bxh7+.

The table of contents for Bxh7+ is shown below.
The first three modules are designed to avoid (or take advantage of) opening catastrophes. The second two are more generals treatments of the sacrifice later in the game.